What does Eric Jordan look like?

I just wanted to look the man in the face, I did the search but it is hard to find his pic though. Can this be him?:beam:

Who is Eric Jordan?

michale jordan’s brother?:h: :h:

lol, i think he is apart of the 2advanced.com team.

thats not eric jordan


There you go,…, but isn’t that Kirupa? I mean, it may be one and the same person …:slight_smile:

No offense but no f*cking way Kirupa can animate/program/design like this guy. And also, just look at the eyebrow…looks thin :P:.

Hey way to be a prick! :slight_smile:

Still…Who is this guy

Sharif, I bet you’d be surprised.

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**Still…Who is this guy **

one of the founders of 2advanced studios… one of the top notch flash designers currently out there. :slight_smile: