What does Jubba look like?

I just got a few new pics of me. I was bored and one of my friends wanted some pics of me, so I took a few and uploaded them. I hate by digital camera because everytime I try to transfer photos it shuts my computer down… .but it does it after the photos transfer so its all good. :slight_smile: here is the link… now you all know what Jubba looks like… and I figured that Marz showed his pics so I figured I would show everyone mine…


Yeah I have a lot of moles. I had to have a bunch of them removed because they were cancerous. Fun stuff… :slight_smile:

say hello to kate for me :wink:

anyways, i remember in another thread you posted a pic and said go wild with it…mutilate it beyond belief if you want

can we do the same to these??


I can’t stop you. Go for it. :slight_smile: Let me see what you come up with.

thats why i want to mutilate him

i don’t like beautiful people

they all laugh at me and poke me :frowning:

then they shove sticks up my ***

its a cruel world

luckily i wear extra pair of underwear so sticks don’t affect me


Movie star quality Jubba… really :beam:

I think Phil wants to marry you.

dont invite me to that kind of wedding=) :stuck_out_tongue:

notice how all the shots are above the neck and he isn’t wearing a t-shirt :wink: wonder if Kate got the whole picture so to speak :wink:

Why is everyone getting married… sen got married to ilyas…now phil wants jubba…whats Kirupaville coming too…

i dont know but im on the next flight out.=)

:frowning: i have no camera :frowning:

maybe one day i wil do a self portrait]

this thread is about jubba, get back on track

Nah Mak, they were only head shots. Kate gets the full body shot next week when I see her for Spring break, but I will be clothed. So keep your sick twisted fantasies to yourself…

*Originally posted by Jubba *
Nah Mak, they were only head shots. Kate gets the full body shot next week when I see her for Spring break

interesting :wink:

u scare me phil… :slight_smile:


this thread is really really scary…

but only cuz i feel left out
anyone want to marry me?

yeah my friend Tony… he kind of looks like a :pirate:

do you think if i ask really nicely Tony will marry me?
is he by any chance a tiger? purrrrr :love: