What font...?

what’s the font name used here in kirupaforum in the menu bar (home, tutorials, kirupalab, forums, about, shop, mediatemple) ???


Why did you choose to post this here?

and why didn’t you try going to the links in drawing and design that let you identify fonts?

I couldn’t find the exact one, but here’s one similar.

The name is 04B-21 made by http://dsg4.com/04/extra/. These fonts are free just so everyone knows - you can go to their site to check it out.

The exact download link for Windows is: http://www.dsg4.com/04/extra/bitmap/stuff/04b_21.zip

The exact download link for Mac is: http://www.dsg4.com/04/extra/bitmap/stuff/04b_21.sit


just didnt know where to post it and now i’ve even seen the sticky “what font?”… so im sorry for that… thanks Reefster

You’re welcome PL :thumb:.

And don’t worry about the wrong place to post problem :beam:.

Sorry - I just realized my Windows link for 04B-21 was wrong and so was the main site. The post is updated :).

And don’t worry about the wrong place post :).

ok, thanks again for your helping… this site you have given me has very cool fonts :slight_smile:

No problem :D.

Where shouldv’e he posted this??

I don’t even know… random?

Font questions if you have checked all the identify site go in the drawing and design area i beleive.

It is one of the free pixel fonts some company was allowing members to sample. I think it was hooge or kroeger, but I am not sure :slight_smile: