What is the Actionscript to control time

what is the Actionscript to control the tme to ext (projector)

for example, if I prss exit button, then rolling credit appare
after few seconds late, automatically exit projector

thank you for you time :slight_smile:


I sorry but I am new to Flash MX

on (press) {
gotoAndPlay(“RollingCredits”, 1);
if (getTimer() > 20000) {

it’s that right Jubba

actually here’s something that might work

_root.credit_time = getTimer()

and on a loop somewhere you might add

if (_root.credit_time + 20000 <= getTimer()){

id have to check though…

or you could use setInterval… :wink:

setInterval(function(){fscommand("quit");}, 20000);

thank you very much mlkdesign and kax

no problem. :wink: =)