What is the most graceful way to manager FLA-AS driven classes in Flex Builder?

Well… I’ve been working on some different projects these months. Some are FLA-AS driven and some are AS-only driven.

Using @embed is really cool for the code logic, but for some particular projects, I have to maintain a main FLA file as well.

And, that brings a lot of troubles to Flex Builder.

The most annoying one is: Say I have a MovieClip on FLA stage and it has a child named “theChild”. And it is binded to a class “MyMovieClip”, in that class, I can use

private var theChildInstance:MovieClip;
public function MyMovieClip()
    theChildInstance = theChild;

It’s okay for compiling with FLA but Flex Builder will report this as an error since there is no place that “theChild” is declared (in AS).

So is there any good way to “hack” the Flex Builder, just let it know that some variables are from the FLA, which is not detected in Flex ?