What is the proper way to design a button with mc in it?

s there a possible issue in the way the button is made not coded?

I am using Flash CS4. My buttons seem not to work. I do not think issue is in the action script (I am scripting in 3.0).
Here is the way I make the button. I add a movie clip on the stage on the over state ( so if you were to double click on that movie clip a new time line would open), at the end of that movie clip there is a simple stop(); code on its own line. I do not add extra frame on the over state.
Then I assign the code to the button and of course cross reference its name in the properties and everything is matching up. Just in case here is my code:

floralyte_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onClickFloraLytePopUp);

function onClickFloraLytePopUp(event:MouseEvent) :void {

All of my buttons work fine through the Up, Over, Down, HIt stages without the problem.
The functionality works fussy, some of them I have to click twice to go to the specified frame with the UILoader, some do not work at all and some work.
I double checked and all of them seem to be done identical.