What is wrong with belgium?

first some general info: don’t know if you know, but traffic fines are extremely high in belgium. not wearing a seatbelt, smoking in the car, eating in the car, broken stoplight, , … : $150. speeding, 50$/crossed 5km/h. on regular roads; maximum allowed speed is 70km/h (which is ridiculous). cops are litterally checking the slightest thing you do wrong, without even watching the situation. if you’re parked wrong and you just have to go into a store for 30 seconds, you’re in bad luck: 150$ without reasoning. and if that’s not enough, the minister of justice decided about 3 weeks ago to let small time felons (breaking & entering, stealing stuff, …) that normally get a prison sentence of 6 months or less walk out without getting locked up, they just get a small fine, because the prisons are overcrowded.

so here it goes: we have this popular news show on national tv, where they show interviews/documentaries/… of general problems going on in the country. well, last monday, a documentary was planned about this whole traffic situation. they had interviews with cops admitting they had to write out a minimum amount of tickets, just to get money in from innocent (don’t think smoking in your car makes you a criminal :-/) civilians. i wanted to watch it, but they cancelled the show. now normally, when a show is cancelled on this tv-station, they give a reason why. but now, they didn’t give a reason at all. i know why it got cancelled, no matter what they say, i know it’s because the report got some confronting images and interviews about this rediculous traffic law. they got pressured by the politicians that voted for this law not to show this report. whatever happened to freedom of speech? :h:

belgium is getting seriously f**ked up, they basically let small time criminals walk out and they punish “good” citizens as if they were enemy #1.

what do you all think of this?