What is wrong with this code?

Here i am again. This time i was able to check that my problem can be solved by removing the as that i have. That means that there is something wrong with it, although i cant find the problem… I CANT SURF between fields (text and combo boxes) using the Tab key.
here is the code that i am using…

First frame:
m_u_name ="";
m_u_sur ="";
m_u_nick ="";
m_u_email ="";
m_u_age ="";
m_u_state ="";
m_u_city ="";

m_g_g=" ";
m_g_c=" ";

second frame:
var cb_gender:Object = new Object();
m_u_gender.addEventListener("change", cb_gender);
cb_gender.change = function()
 m_g_g = m_u_gender.value;
 m_ug_stat = m_g_g;

var cb_country:Object = new Object();
m_u_country.addEventListener("change", cb_country);
cb_country.change = function()
 m_g_c = m_u_country.value;
 m_uc_stat = m_g_c;


Any idea, suggestion, hints, clues?
You can download the entire flash file here