What is XML?

I have flipped thru a few books, and nothing seemed to give me an answer. What exactly is XML? I know that its a new Markup language, and that it is used to interact with the browser, but what exactly are its capabilities…? Anyone want to fill me in?

not totally sure Jub, but you could try looking here www.xml.com that’s if you aint allready.

I dunno either…this is pissing me off! :frowning:

-Dan :expressionless:

XML is a way of organizing data. I know you probebly have already read that but that’s the basics of it.

Right now I have problems with xml in that you still need php to interact with it… so I think the important question in my mind is why do I need XML?

The answers to these questions will become more clear as you try to create cross platform media… such as pages for palm’s and cell phones and such. XML allows the data to be the same, no matter what the end source…

umm… so far that’s all I know about it. I’m still not sure why I want to use it other than the fact that I need socket objects for interactive multiplayer games. :slight_smile: