What is your favorite website of all time?

hey everyone, why not show some sites ( to help everyone) for tutorials, for entertainment, for everything. It could be kinda cool

heres my fav

www.newgrounds.com (thousands of flash movies… 1000’s submited a day)

www.kirupa.com ( you all no why, its awsome)

www.flashkit.com (good tutorials, all though i dont use them often, i love their sounds)

www.sess.net ( same thing as newgrounds cept just games, and more of them)

Edit: wow this has been such a long time ive forgotten about htis thread… its been a year, now my fav websites are www.Kirupa.com www.realitydreamship.com www.2advanced.com www.newgrounds.com www.moock.org and probubly a ton others but im too lazy to serach my favorites… oh yeah, this ones not a fav, but its just somehting that has some great animation and interactivity, tho its not done www.2ddepot.com and i totally forgot… my favorite website of all time… www.rr.com/flash


edit::: its been a long day:stunned:

it would help to spell it right =)

uhmmm… i really don’t have a favorite site, but if I did I would have to say its www.kirupaforum.com I come here the most…

www.kirupaforum.com :wink:

*Originally posted by lostinbeta *
**www.kirupaforum.com :wink: **

ditto. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just www.kirupaforum.com that’s all you need ;p

I like this one

yeah me too kirupa but i also like

www.2advanced.com <- awsome
www.derbauer.de <- w00t


this is not my fav. but, rennisgrl will like this one i think…

very good illus.


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now if I could just figure out how to get in…

wow is that a link to the super duper secret fourms? lol

Now now folks :bad:


haha nice one:)


hey Derek… thats the coolest website I’ve ever seen … I immediately bookmark the page twice… :slight_smile: lol