What is your new years resolution?


to make it to Hong Kong…


Seems like a good time to bump this up! :slight_smile:


I wonder if this System fellow ever followed through with his resolutions.


I will try to correct my eating habits.


stick with ​1280… will update my computer in 2019, buy a new big screen and test higher resolution :slight_smile:


I had smoked for a long time until I bought a Juul (e-cigarette). Seems somewhat healthier to me, but then I lost it and went back to regular smoking. So my new years resolution is to find my Juul!


I found it. Now I can just sit on my butt for the rest of the year.


That’s pretty impressive that you beat your new years resolution so quickly. However what you’re doing is extremely unhealthy, you know, all that wasting of products. Now that you have both, might I recommend dual smoking bill Murray style.


Good advice!