What s the best format for pics? bmp? jpg?

ive got a bmp pic i want on a website, but it looks pixxelleed. how can i optimise it???

thanks very much

god loves ya

If it looks pixelated it’s a problem with the resolution being too small.

The resolution of the graphic/photo/whatever needs to be 72 dpi at 100% actual size (quite a difference from 300 dpi for printing). Now, if you’ve adjusted the dpi to be lower than this, this is your problem. Another reason may be that you increased the size of a graphic that was at 72 (or lower) dpi.

jpgs are almost always better for the Internet.

If you need more help with this, just let me know.


jpg for photos
gif or png for handling transparent areas
png seems to be Macromedias favorite, you’ll see with Flash and Fireworks MX…

If you want the best quality - always a high rez jpg - even for transparencies - just make it a graphic symbol and mask out the areas you wish to be transparent! The vector-based mask will make smoother edges!