What should i charge?

ive recently gotten two offers for freelance work

one is a logo for an arts and education center, the other is a brochure for a laser skin treatment center

dont have any experience with clients so i dont know what to charge
anyone with experience know?

Hey, it varies on person and what they think they should charge, Kit asked a question almost like this (put for an ad) in another thread recently, it might be able to help you…


For the logo I would charge a flat hourly rate for the design of it. For the brochure I’d first have a meeting with the client, to get an idea of how complicated it is going to be. Then based on that ask for a start-up cost, and charge an hourly rate.

In the end I’d say a couple hundred for the logo… and the brochure could be anywhere from 400 - 800 (actually it could go WAY up, but I have no idea what they are looking for)… depending on how much stuff they supply you with and how much you have to creat on your own, and how much stuff they want in it.

The main thing is, if you are unsure what to charge try to leave it open ended. Give them an estimate, but be sure they understand that it is not final. That way if things require a bit more work then you had anticipated you didnt lock yourself into something. Hope this gets you started.

Good Luck!


I agree with Ryall…

make an educated estimate, then give a % to go over, that way the client has a basic idea what the total price will be. Make sure you list what the job requires, and have the client sign it.


cool, thx alot

no prob!