What the heck?

I was Googling Kirupa’s name because I realized that Chinnathambi is pretty easy to figure out with some basic Tamil (assuming you speak Tamil, Kirupa) but I haven’t a clue what Kirupa means. And this is what I found.

The IPKF who arrested Kirupa said that he had been released at 8 p.m. on 23.2.1988 and must have run away. Kirupa with his family and members of the Citizens Committee of the village had handed himself over on the same day 23.2.1988 early morning especially to obtain the release of his brother‑in‑law, who was taken as hostage for Kirupa the previous (22.2.1988) night.

The family were totally shocked at the equanimity of the army who proclaimed that Kirupa was released, because after the surrender on the same day (23.2.1988) Kirupa was brought by the army to the adjoining plot of land, assaulted brutally, while the army jawans were digging up the soil ‑ may be looking for arms. Finding nothing the army had gone half dragging Kirupa who was not in a fit state even to walk.

With these happenings how can the family believe that Kirupa was released that day and had found it possible to run away? How is it possible for us to believe that the army released him at 8 a.m. to walk home after curfew hours? Wasn’t it the army who told us curfew breakers will be shot on sight?

The irony of Kirupa’s story is that Kirupa was an LTTE sympathiser who surrendered to the army (before all these happenings) on 07.01.1988 and was released 5 days later after investigation. Kirupa’s story calls the bluff of the IPKF’s much publicised safe conduct for LTTE supporters who surrender.

Is it so absolutely easy to escape from military camps? Is it true that the IPKF which professes always to release those in custody at the houses or to someone responsible, would violate their own rules? Is it true somebody could be released to walk back home right in the middle of a curfew? What has happened to the Jeyarajasingams, Yasos and Kirupas of our land?

LOL! I haven’t heard that one before…though that would make for a good action movie :slight_smile: My parents tell me that my name means kind, blessed one. Chinnathambi literally means little brother in Tamil.

Yes, I do speak Tamil! Do you speak tamil hifi?

Kirupa :ub:
[size=1]“escaping military camps since 1988”[/size]

haha, wow. That is pretty messed up!

Kirupas of the land… heh

Heh, it seems most names mean kind, blessed one, doesn’t it? I was hoping it meant something like big brother or even little sister. 'Cause Little Sister Little Brother would be an awesome name.

There was one web site that had what all of our names mean - even weird Indian ones! It even gave what kind of health problems you would face having this name. I can’t find the link anymore though.

You may be thinking of www.kabalarians.com, but I didn’t find your name there.

I did find both my first and middle names though, and their analyses are both accurate but extremely generic, which is to be expected. :slight_smile:

heheehehhee :thumb:

Thats funny because a month ago or so I asked an Indian guy I work with what your name meant and he told me the same thing.

Then it must be true.

Well - like hifi said, “kind/blessed one” may be a common meaning :stuck_out_tongue:

hehee, the storys of our blessed little brother in Tamil

Hey sorry Kirupa, just noticed you edited your first post. :slight_smile: My family does speak Tamil. However, I never went to Tamil class because it was I tripped the teacher and caused her to yell at me multiple times, resulting in my being horrified of her. This in turn resulted in my only being able to pick up bits and pieces of the language from my parents (and other relatives/friends).

I’ve been trying to find someplace that teaches Tamil as a second language to adults, with no success, so I guess I’m going to have to keep picking up those bits and pieces. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kirupa’s A Criminal Mastermind!!! Omg Everyone Abandon The Forums

LOL! I prefer speaking in English anyway. When I am at home I usually speak in a combination of English or Tamil - it’s really freaky. I’ll say a sentence with a combination of English and Tamil words :stuck_out_tongue:

mcgiver - the sequel is even better!

mg90 - haven’t you seen the Godfather movies. Once you get in, it’s not in your best interests to get out!

Haha yeah I know what you mean. I used to call it Tinglish when I was… I think 8. :stuck_out_tongue: I do prefer English, but I would really like to learn Tamil, as it is the language everyone else in my family speaks. Plus, it’s going to be hard for me to go and visit Sri Lanka on my own in the future. Eh.

I say we could actually see this movie through. Celebrity casting, anyone?

I don’t want to give too much away, but among the A-list cast, Jeyarajasingam is played by Senocular (he looks like a Jeyarajasingam - ya know?), Yaso is played by everyone’s favorite Yaso, lostinbeta, and Kirupa is played by flasherjaz (he beat out Denzel Washington for the role).

No stunt doubles were used…especially for that very original train chase across a desert plain with Indians (ha!) chasing it. That’s why a few of the regulars who posted often don’t post any more…they weren’t as good as the trained stunt doubles (sniffle) :frowning:

Im a supa-star!

hey, this reminds me of that thread where we all googled our names… wonder where that thing went…

I’ve been searching for that thread also sen. That’s where the link to one of those weird sites that somehow had a whole page on all of our names was located. It wasn’t kabalarians hifi, but something that actually contained kirupa :slight_smile:

Will Rick Moranis be in this film?

crazy! I found that while doing a search today for that thread of all the things to do when you’re bored, anyways, it’s http://www.googlism.com/ :wink:

and weird story too :expressionless: