What the... Microsoft Claim form


i just got a letter from the settlement administrator or something like that. With the letter it came with a microsoft massacushetts class action settlemet. It talks about finding proof of purchase identifying numbers, Product information and abunch of other jibberish.

Has anyone else got this, i am way to confused about this right now.

Uh-oh, you’re in trouble :stuck_out_tongue:

i talked to some of my friends, they all got it to

i didnt do anything wrong

No - that means you could be getting money back for buying MS products provided you bought X product and paid more than Y dollars for it during a certain period of time :slight_smile:

EDIT: Or it could be some guy trying to fill out mail-order rebates using your proof of purchases haha.

EDIT: Or you could be in big trouble. Microsoft will send aliens after you. Be scared. Be very scared.

sniff sniff I my scam sense is tingling. I would disregard the email.

I figure, what’s the worst that could happen to you? Some group of sketchy con-artists could find out where you live, steal your car, etc.

Be a rebel alex. Live life on the edge. Rage against the Machine. Mail…in… your…proof of purchase slips :rap:

Microsoft is not the a-morale company many people think it is. They would never used that kind of manipulative consumer-based fraud or do any kind of subliminal advertisement to it customer base.

[buy microsoft]

I’m appaled that you would even THINK such a thing.

[give us your money]

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[more money, we can never have enough]

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Lets change the subject, this is causing me a lot of distress.

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paid for by the Microsoft Global Responsibility Team

Seriously though Alex, I think MS was forced to pay a certain amount because they over charged consumers in Massachusetts. Therefore, if you send your receipts in, you could get some money back as part of their settlement :slight_smile:

ohhh ok, thanks for the feedback guys:)

So I’m going through my July issue of WIRED Magazine, and I find an article on a hoax that promises people money on behalf of Microsoft. Then I’m like, hey, Alex made a post on something simliar to that!

Here’s the article, it’s pretty interesting