What the...?!?

What am I now, an Agony Aunt? :sure: Maybe we ought to open up a new forum area - “Ask Kit”…

hi Kitiara,

i’ve a big trouble in my work… from three years i learned Flash 4 and till now i’m keep in learning… but till now i didn’t do anything even my site… , i didn’t do anything except searching for the books reading flash and As books but i don’t work in flash mainly. i worked for long time as a graphic designer and for short time as a web designer in msnbc in egypt. now i’m working at orbit as a graphic designer again in a ploticl programe… i love flash and i want to make it my mainly work, if i’ve a private work i can’t do it because i feel i cann’t do anything but i want to till you that i’m good designer as my wife said .

i don’t know how to trust in my self to feel i can do.

now i’v good knowledge for AS and web but i can’t

i sorry so this but i think you can till me what i can to do… there is no one want to understand me … can you?