What to do?

I happen to go to art/design college, and I am also increasingly developing a hatred for it. It seems whenever I seem to want to produce some media, I often just sit there pondering on different matters concerning my private/social life.

Dont get me wrong, I dont have family problems, nor do I have any girlfriend /friend problems. I just seem to loose focus when I am doing some designing or creating art. I know it is referred to as an artist/designer’s block. But I have a feeling it not that. I just feel too useless in the design/art field. Any suggestions would be helpful. :pa:

Another problem that I find myself with is having too much spare time on my hands. I have a long schedule and I commute, therefore I am stuck downtown for long periods of time. For example, on mondays, tuesdays and thursdays, I have a 3 hour lecture in the morning and then 1 smitdzy lab in the middle (any time between 2-6) then and evening 3 hour lecture 6:30 to 9:30. During my breaks I often go to UofT (toronto) campus which is 5 minutes away and sit through some of my freind’s lectures. Even so, I still find myself with too much free time. Right now for example, I have been on the library computer for 3 hours and the hot librarian is giving me some wierd looks. So, I would really appreciate if some helpful suggestions arise from this for similar bystanders.

Lastly, one other problem that I want to ask those married folks on this forum. How exactly did you break the news to your significant other’s parents? (I dont plan on getting married anytime soon, but I am just wondering since I am having some communication problem with my girlfreind about her parents. (she hates hers but is forcefully[not abusively] dependant on them) therefore, I was wondering how exactly do you communicate with them.