What would the TAG be in html for.... plz Kirupa

Hey i have a little tag i want to use on the bottom of posts as a signiture on MSG boards… in html and or UBB how would i post the .swf, and make it transparent backround??

<embed src=“http://www.teamaus.com/pix/Interactive_Sig.swf” Width=“450” Height=“86”>

Hey aus rocket,
This is how you would make the Flash animation transparent: www.kirupa.com/developer/transparent.asp I have yet to try how it actually works on the forums, but I think several people in here might have gotten their footers to be transparent.

Yea kirupa,

I have alrdy found out by using your tutorial on how to make it transparent, thanks alot for that, but now i wanna make it on the bottom of my posts on msg boards, if anyone can help me, plz reply,

Nice Footer!

Hey aus rocket,
This was simpler than I expected. Simply add the following line after the quality=“high” line: wmode=“transparent”. Make sure you add a space between “high” and wmode. That should enable your footer to be transparent!