What would YOU do?

Ok, heres the deal:

Project: Website that basically has 20 pictures of various furniture.

Customer wants:

  1. “Buyers” to be able to “reserve” items.
  2. When “reservation” takes place, the “quantity available” automatically subtracts the number “reserved”.
  3. Also, a way for someone (with a password) to be able to ADD items.
    NOTE EVERYTHING is free, so I will not have to keep up with any monies.

I have the following tools and know only a little about any of it.

::ASP.NET Web Matrix::
::Coldfusion Studio 5::
::FrontPage 2003::
:: Dreamweaver MX::
::Homesite 5::

KIRUPIANS::how would YOU tackle this thorn in the arse if you were JM?