What's going on with Selection.setFocus(); in FlashMX2004?

In Flash MX it works just fine, I copy/paste code to MX2004 and it doesen’t work ? :-/

this.createTextField (“txtUpis_txt”, 1, 0, 0, 300, 30);
txtUpis_txt.type = “input”;
txtUpis_txt.tabEnabled = true;
txtUpis_txt.selectable = true;
txtUpis_txt.border = true;
Selection.setFocus (“txtUpis_txt”);

Anyone know reason??


What isn’t working about it?

use it without the quotes:

Selection.setFocus (txtUpis_txt);

There’s no cursor appear in text field initialy, in FlashMX it work’s just fine.
You can baypass that bug with use of setInterval() function but…

Unfortunately no…