Whats "new and cool" in Flash?

So one of my bosses wants me to be prepared to give a little demonstration/presentation thing on whats new and cool in Flash. And this not being the newest nicely designed flash site, but rather, what new and creative (and cool) ways are flashed being used as a medium?

I honestly couldnt think of anything. There’s really nothing I know of offhand that has been done in Flash recently that hasn’t been done before in the past couple of years. I mean you got this big RIA push, but thats just Flash versions of what have been done in HTML for who knows how long. The only other buzz I can think of all relate mostly to just design (esp. with 3D) and not necessarily creative uses of Flash itself.

Any thoughts?

Hi Sen

First thing to understand is who is going to be there - that info will guide your presentation to focus on their perspective (whatever that may be).

I do hear of great things with Flash - but as you say, they all fall into the Rich Internat Application arena.

well its for the boss basically a relaying of info from me (the supposed wise one on Flash) to him heh.

But yeah, everything is RIA now a days.

actually there isn’t much new
most things are a consequent enhance of the thoughts and ideas that existed before.

there are few new hype pages, the niveau already reached a quite high level of quality, and its hard to impress as much as it was possible some years ago.