Whats that site?

ello people

just wondering if someone can help me finding a site I saw a while back, it was an archive of well designed websites, I’m pretty sure that it is a very popular site amongst designery types and has recieved a few awards, nice clean looking, I think it had the word ‘design’ in the url and was a personal site but I’m not 100% on that

not a very solid description I know but thats about all I can remember about it, can anyone help or point me in the direction of similar?

Cheers :wink:

www.wowwebdesign.com ???



thanks =), tho neither are correct

although www.cwd.dk is close to what I’m thinking of (in content not design/layout)


I win…

mmm… no not that either, this was on a white bacground with a large image at the top of the page I think, then a side panel and smaller panels of content on the rest of the page. Had a similar feel to it as something like http://www.designiskinky.net/index_main.html

its not it but i can try :stuck_out_tongue:

[size=1]is this it??[/size]


[edit] oops you sad it had i white bacground sorry :-\ [/edit]

Oh, I think I know which one you mean. It is that site on which electrongeek was one of the first elected. It had a metal interface I thought.

I can’t stop thinking that it is that site, but I can’t remember it anymore… It was something with a v … One of the mods posted the link, I think it was eilsoe.

not sure about a metal looking interface, the one I’m thinking of had pretty clean lines in it like in the link in my last post. I think the large image at the top of the page I mentioned was of a skyscraper viewed at a funny angle, tho I think that was one of a few images that loaded at random when you entered the site

thanks for all the replies :stuck_out_tongue:

HA - I WIN!!

I know which site it is - and it doesn’t have ‘design’ in the URL


Prepares to accept bribes for URL :wink:

why are u looking for this site?

m_andrews808 -

I think this is where you want to go!


Please note : bribes were neither made nor accepted! :sigh:

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Cello you are the man! If I were a laydee you’d have a place to stay tonight! :wink:

you’re prize is 5 mins in the back of a Capri with Janet Street Porter!

right next then… there’s this site, I think it had a picture on it and there was def some text on there too and… (j/k) :P:P:P

Thanks all!

Glad to help!

I s’pose that the second prize was 10 mins… :scary:

You’re a lucky man. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh hey this is a good site :thumb: bookmarkage!

Oh the way people will act to just say a URL.