What's the syntax for the size of the entire movie?

I want to move an movie clip according to the size of the entire flash movie, rather than just the movie clip. Anyone know the correct way to do this?

Can you be more specific.

hrmmm well.

You want to know the size of the main stage so that you can know when the movie clip goes off that stage or something like that? there probably is an thing th get the x size and y size of the stage…i usualy just use numbers… like 550 for width and 400 for height. unless you are changing the size of the stage…it doesn’t really matter :slight_smile:

yeah, that’s the way i’m doing it now, but i just wanted to know so i can use a relative instead of absolute, just in case some parameters of the movie change during development. thanks for your help, but if you ever find a way to do this let me know.

in mx:


With MX, you can get the scene dimensions with Stage.width and Stage.height. And I believe that you could use getBounds to get them with Flash 5. I’ll check that.

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