What's the Worst band ever?

Okay, so there’s a thread that’s asking for who’s the greatest. I think the inverse is also necessary, so what’s the worst thing you’ve ever heard? Who do you think is devoid of talent? What sounds like cats using a chalkboard for a scratching post, in your opinion? Here’s my worst 5 of all time:

  1. Chumbawumba
  2. King Diamond
  3. Nickelback/Fuel/Creed (sound so much alike they share a slot), or any of their clones
    2)Coheed and Cambria //exactly, it’s the dude’s voice. If someone like Maynard or Chino was in charge, they’d be awesome. Even the dude from Mars Volta, who does sing high but not castrati.

and the all time worst,

  1. Poison.

All of these bands cause a perfect sphere of bile to rise in my throat. Anyone else have some music that they absolutely cannot stand?

//I forgot Abba and Ace of Base. Both of them make me wretch.