What's wrong?

Sorry if this is too much to ask, but I’ve been working on this problem for two days and I’m getting annoyed at it, so I though I’d ask all of you:
I’m trying to make the game “Snake” and make it so you can send your score to your account (Keeping track of highscores etc). The actual game works fine, but the trouble I am having is with sending scores (very last frame). I made another game, and the code works fine and proper, but for some reason when I put it into this game it doesn’t work! It’s getting very annoying and I was wondering if any of you could help.

FLA: http://www.writers-bench.com/snake.fla

Thanks so much!



  1. Could you help me secure this so it’s not easy to find out where the file to add points is etc?
  2. The script returns this (If successful, otherwise a various error message):
    score_status=Success!<br />The points are now in your account.