What's your favourite christmas-time movie?

mine’s “HOME ALONe” :beam:

Hmm… Lemme see…

The Grinch :smiley: (animated version)

so have you figured out what Zuzu’s Petals are?


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**so have you figured out what Zuzu’s Petals are?

Rev **


fav: the muppet christmas carol

I think mine would have to be Hook.

(that was during Christmas time, wasn’t it?)

The Christmas Story!

princess mononoke! saw it first time today, and I really enjoyed it.
I don’t like the crap that’s on television the time around christmas

A Muppet Family Christmas!

Sam the Eagle: “Why am I here?”

Kermitt: "I think I hear something."
Gonzo: “You hear me about to make some turkey hash!”

A Tie between A Christmas Story (You’ll shoot your eye out kid!) and Christmas Vacation (If that cat had nine lives, he just spent them all!)

A Christmas Story definately! Its a classic. My favorite part is where they are in the play yard and they are all double-dog daring each other to stick his tounge to the frozen poll when he does and the bell rings for christmas to be over and they all leave him out there. lol such a clasic

24-hour marathon of ‘A Christmas Story’. Although we already open our presents (10:15 X-mas eve).

i also like ‘A XXX-Mas story’ :wink:


Nightmare before christmas. quality film.

Well, right now its ‘Tora! Tora! Tora!’ Allong with a ww2 collection marathon, Thin Red line, Patton and the Longest day, every chistams I watch these movies!

All of the James Bond movies Spike TV! has been showing non-stop for the past few days :smirk:

Nightmare Before Christmas is best! Also You’ve Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle!

The great escape!

The Christmas Story, the one where the kid got that BB gun.