When are you updating your slider bar tutorial Pom?

Hey people… I have one quick question… I keep going to the slider control tutorial and at the end it says “Here! I hope you found this tutorial interesting. Check back soon and we’ll see how to build a nice slider component from the A to the Z.” When is that going to be updated??? Anyway… All I need to know is when I hit the play button I also have to move the slider to que the music… How can I change the action script to where when someone presses the play button… the volume is already turned up to 50 percent??? This has been buggin me for a long time now. I keep messing with the script… but no luck. I know at least one of you know. Here is the action script I am trying to use.

this.ratio = 0;
dragger.onPress = function() {
this.startDrag(true, 0, 0, line._width, 0);
this.onEnterFrame = function() {
ratio = Math.round(this._x*100/line._width);
_root.volume = ratio;
dragger.onRelease = dragger.onreleaseOutside=stopDrag;

Can anyone help me out???

I THINK I ALMOST HAVE IT FIGURED OUT… But if you guys want to share your ideas… please reply… The way I am doing it is probibaly cracked out

It’s never going to be updated, MuHUaUHAUHaAUhaa!!! :evil:

Seriously, I totally forgot about it, so I don’t think there’s going to be an update. But you can post your code if you want an opinion on it :slight_smile:

take a look at this: