When someone doesn't have the plugin?


Is there any way i can display an image in place of the flash movie for people who do not have the flash plugin? Can an image be laced behind or under the movie so that those who have the plugin will be able to view the movie and those who don’t will be able to view the image? Please help.


Check the post marked
"setting parameters or properties "
in this forum. That option is in the same place… the publish settings.

hey this is easy!

design your page with your graphic and direct all visitors there.

on this page have a 18 by 18 pixels falsh movie that redirects visitors to your flash site (on first frame have put action script:

getURL("<a href=“http://www.yourflashsite.com”);">www.yourflashsite.com");</a>

if they have the plug in, your 18 by 18 movie will redirect them, if they do not, it won’t and they simply will stay on your graphics page

let me know