When swf is finished play next swf

Hello there.

I have 4 external swfs that i want to load into 4 different empty movieclips on mainscene.
First i want 1.swf to load and when its finished i want 2.swf to play and after it is finished 3.swf and finally 4.swf.
This is the intro…

On release i want to do the same, but i want to reuse 2.swf and 4.swf which i use as transitions. Until know i worked/used these two functions. But they does’nt seem to work.

function loadmovieClip(playClip, playMc, nextClip, nextMc) {
//this i a preloader, of course.
function controlMc(playMc, nextMc) {
trace(“this is “+playMc);
trace(“this is “+nextMc);
checker = nextMc;
//_root.nextMc = nextMc;
trace(playMc+” is playing”);
this.onEnterFrame = function() {
//trace(“currentframe =”+this[playMc]._currentframe);
if (finishedClip == 60) {
trace(nextMc+” is playing”);
//this[playMc]._visible = false;
trace(“hey efter 60”+nextMc);
checker = nextMc;
delete this.onEnterFrame;
finishedClip = 0;
//playMc = 0;
//nextMc = 0;

So on release i want this to happen

Play/load 5.swf -> 2.swf -> 7.swf -> 4.swf

But on another button this might happen…

Play/load 6.swf-> 4.swf-> 8.swf ->2.swf

I need a dynamic function, in which i can play and load a lot of swfs.

I hope that somebody out there can help me…