Where are the list of new AS3 Methods and Functions since CS 5.5 ?

Do you member there used to be a time where it was SUPER EXCITING that Flash could export to the iPhone ?

New functions and Objects were added like:
and the amazing TransformGestureEvent !

And then after that…Flash/AIR add support for ANE and suddenly all hell break loose and programming in AS3 is as fragmented as trying to put humpty dumpty back together again, I wish they implemented gyroscope before ANE…

However I would like to believe they added more common functions and features since then, is there a list of the new AS3 functions since CS5.5 ?

Don’t know if there’s an easy list to parse… You can check out: https://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashPlatform/reference/actionscript/3/whatsnew.html

For the latest stuff. And the filter in the top left can help show apis by version. You might need to figure out what releases of player/AIR came out after CS5.5, though, since player versions and app versions stopped using the same version numbers.

This to me is partly the reason for the downfall of AIR/AS3/Adobe Flash, they didn’t really talk about the new features/methods/abilities added after CS5.5 on the AS3 side after the iPhone YEAH YEAH Era soon after.

The developers are left out of the loop, it’s like only Adobe and their own inner tight circle of people know what is added to AS3 and only they themselves know…living in their own world.