Where do I add my music in flashtrak?

I downloaded an open source code from flashkit.com that was an 8-bar frequency bars movie that plays music. (it is here: http://www.flashkit.com/movies/Third_Party/Flashtraks/Standard-Den_Ivan-2907/index.php)
Ok, I got it, followed the instructions in the included manual, and inserted it into my movie. It works, it’s pretty, and I even changed the colors to match my page.

THE PROBLEM: where in the heck in the code do I add my OWN music file? It’s playing some other music right now, and I can’t seem to find where in the code the reference for that music is. Also, I don’t see the music file anywhere in the download. It’s like it is invisible or something.

Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!


You don’t add it in the script.

Click on the sound loops link in the top blue navigation area. You can browse their sounds and download them (make sure to check if they are freeware or shareware and whatnot). When you click the download link they give you an option for “wav | mp3 | flashtrak” Choose flashtrak. They will supply a .swf file with the sound that you need to put in the same folder as your flastrak. I don’t think you can rename the .swf file, I believe it is required you keep it samed what it is, I think it is called data.swf. Not sure.

Thank you soooooooooooo much!!! I know it was a simple thing, but I just wasn’t sure what those dang instructions meant. I am so happy =)

does a happy dance to her new music

No problem. I am glad I could help:)