Where is the word instance coming from in my var path i.e. _level0.intance2.Var?

Where is the word instance coming from in my var path i.e. _level0.intance2.Var?

Does thi shave to do with “Instance of” of library items, or what order a layer was created in.

How can I change this name?


i’ve attatched a picture of the “instance name” input box you can change the instance name there. an instance is created everytime you put a symbol on the stage so if you have put one symbol on the stage twice then you would have two instances of that symbol. you can change the name to fit with your code in that input box shown in the picture. just select your symbol and its in the bottom left of your screen in flash mx

hope this helps

Can I name a load Movie like this?


Right now when I load a movie inside another I can’t figure out the path because it is something long like:


How can I do this?


instance# is a default naming convention for Flash when an instance name isnt defined by you when the movie is published. shuga’s image shows where you name things, though a component is seen in the example, most of the time, you would be naming movieclips.

in loading swfs into movieclips, the original _root of that movieclip then becomes the movieclip you loaded it into. In the case of loading a swf into _root.main, _root.main takes the place of the _root of the loaded swf (“main.swf”) and then is used to refernce that timeline. So if you have a movieclip called “ball” on the main timeline of the main.swf, to access that ball from your original movie, you would use

since _root.main is now the _root of main.swf

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