Where should I by CD's?

I am after the writable/blank ones.

They cost quite a bit in the UK, when they only cost about $0.10 to manufafture, I just wonder if there is anywhere online where you can buy them really cheaply in a large amount ie. 50+ or anywhere which has fairly good rates.

Would be useful if they had cases also :slight_smile:

honestly, i don’t think buying them online would be any cheaper where you are. why don’t you look for the no-name brand ones if you don’t want to spend a lot. i once got a pack of 50-CDRs for only $20 that had no brand name (i’m guessing house-brand CDs), and none of them failed me (unless i failed it).

I found a gread deal at office depot last week.

100 CD’s for 39.99

Not quite $0.10 a piece but $0.39

The deliver internationally too I think

the link

I got 50 for $18.99 at CompUSA, but i doubt you have those in Europe. Just go to your neighborhood electronics store and they’ll probably have cheap ones. But be warned, not all of my cheapo ones would burn correctly, so I probably ended up paying same price per cd as the brand name ones.

ebay has a ton… here is one:



Ebay is good but the auction is UPS Ground. Last time I checked there isnt ground between here and the UK! Not trying to be a turd, watch those out on ebay for the shipping costs, I’ve been ripped a few times.