Where to start with After Effects?


I just downloaded the trial of After Effect and I want to learn as much as i can. Where should i start does anny have anny good online tutorials?

cheers T-O

I also find it hard to find good tutorial sites, but this is what i’ve got bookmarked:


hope that helps a bit :wink:

http://www.ayatoweb.com/ae_tips_e.html helpt out allot… Thanks…

excellent sites, especially xtreme for the videos… ayato should be kept for when you have good handling of AE, creativecow’s tuts are excellent for learning the different possibilites of ae, and their forums will allow you to resolve any problems… (although make sure you search thoroughly for your problems because newb questions always pop up there)

I always recommend to make first this tut: http://www.kirupa.com/web/ae_animation.htm after I did it I understood how AE works and u can start to experiment with ur own imagination :wink:

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All links mentioned should help you on your way, the one berkoWitz mentioned was made by a kirupa member [size=1](…wonder who… :whistle: )[/size]

in the near future some more AE tutorials will be available at kirupa.com
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Exilent tut… soulty…

Cant wait! :pleased:

glad you like it T-O, if you have any questions just post them, we have a few members here that are able in After effects.

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