Which font is this (somewhat bauhaus-based)?


to name a few. i’m guessing its somewhat derived from itc’s bauhaus family. any clues?


did you see: http://www.kirupaforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=53558

yah tried those id-font sites…no luck, gave me nothing close to the “s” and “u” chars.
i attached the sample image that i submitted.

beginning to think its “tweaked”

oh and btw, i already email quoob but no replies yet =p they must be busy

it could be Gordon … or was it Gordons … something like that

Danube. I’m 99% sure of this…looks for link

it may not look like it at first, but download it, im pretty sure thats it


it might be eurofurence too…

i don’t think it’s danube… :slight_smile:

…did you type inspiration , and quoob? it looks nothing like it.

I haven’t downloaded either, but I don’t think it was Danube or eurofurence.

custom text made in illustrator out of simple geometric shapes. done it myself before because you can get some lovely eye candy from different weights of strokes… enough said

here is bauhaus

to buy

not the best but worthy download

to compare different bauhaus fonts here:

from your examples i see “P22 Bayer universal” being used and “Pump(EF)”

::edit:: moved this to drawing and design .

ditto. check out the “u” and the “d”

yah, i see that… too bad p22 is a lil think, and the pump(EF) has a different “s” …but close

It sort of looks like Horatio.

i think that that might be it (or very-close enough)… i wonder if this is in my fontfolio cd

update: nope =|

I THINK I GOT IT!!! See if this is it! Attached: New.zip

nice find, might I ask, is there a liscense on those?

lol i dont know let me check. I found it on my computer and I’ve never boughten or gotten any fonts illegally so let me check.

edit: ok I checked. Flashkit has the normal one for free, but I have to remove italic and bold.


-duck :cap:

k thanks, and if flashkit has it that means you can use it commercially to right?