Which is more efficient?

php/mysql site… i have admins post news messages. When they log in, i want to show the number of news posts they have posted in total

what is the most efficient way of doing this?
either 1. do a select in the news table by admin and count rows and print this
2. every time the admin posts a message increment a counter and store it somewhere in the admin table…

the first one would probably be the easiest. However I put a counter in almost every table that I make anyway, just because you never really know when you’ll need it…

it isn’t a counter in the news table… just a column in the admin table that increments by 1 every time a news post is submitted by that admin

so like


adminname adminpassword adminNumberOfPosts

smart idea or no?

its my feeling its more efficient to just be
select adinNumberOfPosts from admintable where admin = admin
rather than
select * from news where admin = admin

especially if there is A LOT of news posts

ohh, I see what you mean. i was a little confuzzled before. yea that would be much more efficient. :slight_smile:

yeah :frowning: there’s a lot of things i dont know what to let handle… php or sql