which live chat software is the best?

I want to make live chat on my website and I don’t know which software should I use. Which one is the best?

Are you thinking about an IRC chat room that you want a browser rendering for?

Have you tried anything yet? On what system is your website?

No i want to make live chat to talk with my customers. Not a social chat room.

No i did not. And my website is running on wordpress.

If you are running your website on WordPress you have plenty of chats that you can use. Please check live chat support software reviews: http://live-chat-support-software-review.toptenreviews.com/ .
If you would be interested in trying i.e. LiveChat the intergration is really simple ( https://www.livechatinc.com/integrations/ ) and you have free 30 day trial.
Please let me know if you neeeded help.

+1 for livechat. I use them since few months and they are really good. I like their iOS app.

Thanks for software reviews link! It’s very useful! I will spend some time and check it today!

It’s nice that you can use it on ios devices. I checked their rewiev at app store and it’s pretty bad but people in comments says only good things. Can you tell something more about app itself? And how it is with their support?

Their support is really good. I never had any bigger issue but whenever i contact them all is done very fast. I don’t know why the app rating is so low - i really like it. It’s very useful to have notifications about new chats on your iphone / ipad. If you have any questions feel free to ask them :slightly_smiling:

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Sorry it’s my mistake about the app - i checked zopim and that’s what i meant. I would like to know is it hard to customize it? And how you can customize it? In interface or with css for example?

Yea I never had any issues with their app. You can customize basic things in interface. To make some major changes you have to own at least regular plan and do it in CSS. You can even remove their branding with CSS :slight_smile:

well 30$ for unbranding is not so much… I think it’s worth it.

Hi cssdev,
I think that the easiest way to know if it works for you or not is to try it :slight_smile: You have the whole month to have an experience with LiveChat solution without any costs.
I hope you find it useful.

Hi Bartosz,
It is really wonderful to hear that. We are doing our best to make our users satisfied with LiveChat solutions.
If you had any questions please let me know. I will be more than happy to help you.

Cssdev - it really is. I love their customization. It’s one of most customizable software on the market I think.

LiveChatAdam - You’re welcome - I really like your soft, keep up the good work! I would just love to be able to pay via paypal. You can think about it because I believe that many people would like to pay via it.

Use live chat plugins for Wordpress. Here are some good ones:

  1. My Live Chat
  2. Wpmudev – Free WordPress Live Chat Plugin
  3. Free Live Chat by Tidio Elements
  4. WordPress Live Chat Plugin for Sales and Support
  5. WP Live Chat Support

Yea I have to test it out on my own. Do i need credit card to test your software?

If it’s true than probably I’m gonna use it. I am quite shocked that you can unbrand it for 30$. Is there any catch? I was thinking also about purechat cuz it also looks amazing but they allow you to unbrand chat for 100$ monthly! And that’s a lot…

Thank you bro! Sadly most of those services are free ones and I am looking only for premium ones. Anyway I will take a look at all of them! Thanks one more time for this list.

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Well it is and that’s the main reason why i stick to them because there are many good services but if you want to customize it than livechat is the best one. Kayako is also nice but livechat is cheaper and have nice features. It’s only up to you what you gonna use because most of softwares are very similar. In fact you choose between prices, features and most important - support.

I think Zopim is best !!

I never heard about kayako before but i checked and they also have app on appstore and reviews are good! I need to check it but how it is with customization of their app?

Yea Zopim looks really good but their mobile app is bugged a lot and that really suck :confused: