Which one

which is better? (minor differences between each)

4. the one in my footer…

  1. 2 pixel of light color around edge
  2. 1 pixel of black and 2 of light color around edge
  3. 1 pixel of black and 1 of light color around edge
  4. (footer) 1 pixel of light around edge


I think 2! That ones nice

The footer is very cool by the way, I like it a lot! You need a matching avatar now!

  • Soul :s:

they all look the same, one big X

for some reason i cant see any of them, mabye its my computer :frowning:

me too

ooooo! Red Xs!

lol, sry guys, im using f*cking stupid hosting. brickshelf.com, if anyone could host these for me, that would be great!


geocities can. upload and then rename to .txt

hmm… just: hawk1.jpg to hawk1.txt?

ill try! ty

GOD DA**IT! @!#$!%$, the whole yahoo/geocities site doesnt work for me… xcept the homepage…grrr

Humm the first X looks nice but i think the thrid one looks better.

very sophisticated eye for art you have there, i really tried to express my passion in the third one… dont you think it came out well?

yeah man… I can really feel the emotion. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya the strokes and the color really show aht u where thinking when you made this piece.

I bid $400!

400?! wtf u smokin!

ok, im about to reupload and “re-link” them so if you didnt get a chance to see them and tell me what u think, please do so in a sec


Look good. Also looks like the same picture posted 4 times.

if you notice, i posted what the differences are…


yea, i like that one the best, now its my footer! thx for feedback