Which to use: XML, MySQL, or?

Hi everyone,

Well after many MANY months of absence from Flash I’m ready to get back into it again. I haven’t touched it since MX04 but I now have CS3 and am hoping it isn’t too much of a challenge (not that I was all that great with MX04 mind you).

Anyhoo, I want to design a site for my guy that showcases some of his new cartoons. They are all single frame (think Bizarro style) so I was thinking some kind of fancy photo gallery with captions/titles would be a good way to display them. There will be a thumbnail type menu, full images, and some text.

So I want some opinions from you all about the best and simplest way to store the info (paths to images/thumbs and text) and then get it into Flash.

I don’t have a whole lot of experience with either process. I’ve used XML with Flash in the form of messing with other people’s projects. I’ve taken a PHP/MySQL online class a year or so ago but never integrated it with Flash. I do have some database experience and know a little SQL, so it’s not a totally foreign language to me.

I will need help in any case with integrating either one with Flash.

So let’s hear it from you guys - what’s the best way to go? If the answer is “neither” could you please offer an alternative?

lunatic :hr: