Whistle Bear Golf Club

Hello All !!

Is there a Santa pixelman?

I am getting Whistle Bear fixed up to its prime as they are holding the CPGA this year and we want it looking preeme. :c)

And sugg’s that I should apply??

Whistle Bear Golf Club

~~ Seretha :love:

i dunno… theres way too much going on…

christmas lights and snowing and a hundred different logos and fonts and transitions and titles…

id calm it down a bit… take some stuff out. id pick one logo and stick with it and not stick different ones all over the page.

the colors and transitions dont seem to be fitting for a golf course; youve got “door thingies” for the transitions and the black just doesnt seem to run with the theme of golfing.

i would definately tone it down…

I really like what you have done with the music and sound.
The main page is a bit busy, but overall it’s nice. I like the golden-ish color you used in places.
all in all it’s really nice, just needs to be a little fine tuned.

I quite like that, the snow effect is used wonderfully. I think your site is a little busy but I think thats because of the layout you have used for your flash site.

Just one thing could you change the copyright font - would make it look that much better.

Great work.