Who can help me convert flash game to HTML5 ?

I have a community dedication project to give information about covid19. The project was a flash game using AS3 (snake and ladder) with questions (separated txt files). I want to play it using raspberry pi and control it using presentation pointer (it works on windows), but I stuck to run it in raspberry pi (already try several tutorials to install flash player in rasbian and ubuntu for rasberry but failed).

Can anyone of you help me to convert the flash game to HTML5, so the game can play in the browser using raspberry pi?

If you can convert it, how much is the budget and how long you can finish it?

Thank you.

Hi @vanhook - welcome to the forums.

Can you post a video (or link if anybody can still get Flash content to work) of what you are trying to convert? That might give a better estimation of the work involved :slight_smile:

Did you find a solution to this? Sounds like a fun little project.