Who does p0rn graphics?

weird question…i know… But the other day i was sent to train for Wells fargo. i got a hotel room…and while flipping the channels i noticed the TV came with the p0rn channel for free. The animations for the channel was the best ive seen for any station…it was like a chapter3.net or gmunk.com style. i think the network was called X3 or something…

BTW, i know what you’re thinking…and no i did not spend the whole night watching p0rn…the p0rn was just something that happened to be on while i waited for the comercial =;)

I’m afraid to ask what these animations were doing, you know. :slight_smile:

the motion grpahics were kickass. The motion grpahics for source, this hip hop show Here in AMerica are insanely cool also.