Who hosts you?

Hey friends…

i have been submerged in flash/swift…creating building etc…now
i need all of your help once…again.

who do you all recomend for hosting…and what should be the minimal amount that i settle for as far as storage and data throughput for a medium sized flash site?..oh yeah and the least amount of kesh?..anything helps?..maybe even hosts that i should STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM!..thanks

Since there’s no replies here, I’ll chime in.

I personally like verio.com’s hosting package. The bronze package is about $24.95 a month which is a little high but I really like their service (my rep has been outstanding).

I believe you get 7500 MB of activity a month and 100 MB of storage space.

Check out their site for more details (www.verio.com).


I’m about to switch the forums to a more reliable host. Their address is: http://www.racknine.com and I’ve heard good comments about them on various message boards. They are extremely cheap and you might want to give them a shot.

Kirupa :bandit:

A friend of mine was generous enough to let me trade him two of my old computers and he set up a dedicated web server with me. It’s great speed, no limit on activity, and also just as fast as anyone else’s. Plus he set up everything within register.com and set up an email for me.