Who knows this ? Scrollpane in the ass

I have a really long MC that gets scrolled down and up with a scrollpane componenent. Problem is: I don’t allways want to start from the top when I scroll the MC.

If I do this:


all I get is:

[object Object] in my output window. But I need an y-coordinate…

You can see what I’m talking about here:
(work in progress … :slight_smile: )
http://www.tempus-arti.org/intro.html --> go to “LOCATIES B” and then click the brown button that says “DETAILFICHE”. When I go back (button that says “GA TERUG”) I want my scrollpane to be in the position that I had just left it, but you see this is not happening…)

some help would be lovely (and sorry the site is in dutch…)