Who knows what the problem is?

hey everyone!
As per the tutorial “Creating a Sound Bar” I have been able to place a sound bar in an existing movie…
Movie A has a play button that loads another movie …Movie B…which in then brings up the stop button.
Then when I choose to press the stop but it is supposed to load back to Movie A but it does not , instead the movie screen goes blank and the sound also stops.
Both movies are in the same folder on my desk top is that right?

Second…really important.
Movie A has other buttons that navigate through the movie onto different scenes…how do I continue to have them working when I switch to Movie B when the play button gets pressed???
And continue hearing the sound ???
_Do I duplicate the same scene as in Movie A into Movie B scene, so that when Movie B is loaded I can continue accessing the rest of Movie A scenes??

what are you actions for your stop button?

should be something like


my start and stop action do look like that!
this is the thing…I have been trying to figure how do I place a sound bar in an already existing flash movie?
Is there a way to have my current movie and the sound bar work separatly in the movie ???