Who Needs Flash!? ScottSchiller.com

never knew you could do something link that without flash, im still amazed.

finally a cool site that doesnt take an hour to load on my crappy dialup!

/jumps out of lerkness
/jumps back into lerkness

Im impressed.

good stuff, but you can “pry the flash from my cold dead hands”, I could never script that much, that good…Impressive

Seriously --> what the crap!

What is the world coming to anyways?

Whoooaaaagh!!! u guys know how hard that is to do ! RES)PEK to Scott. a few bugs on Mozilla but dudes got some DHTML skillz

yep… I know

Word down in Yugoslavia-Town is that he types with is Adam’s Apple instead of with his hands.

That just makes him more impressive.

Duuudddee, that’s alotta work for what it is really. I think using flash would be ample for the site, and I think maybe it would be compatible with the same amount if not more browsers.

Impressive design anyway! :wink:

That site was ok.

Amazing Site!

I like the changing font size button at the bottom. Pretty sweet.

kul site…superb panoramic image viewer…a lot of work…but i think the motivation isn’t just design…i believe it’s kind of a manifest or smth…i saw a site once made entirely in PowerPoint (i’ll check the bookmarks maybe i’ll fin the link … :frowning: ) and it looked nice…but a lot of hard work for no reason but the fight against macromedia…

Funnily enough, that’s one of the easier parts of a site like that to do :wink:

very nice…

The site is a “proof of concept” experiment in Javascript - the idea being getting “Flash, without Flash” (ie. the animation effects.)

The motivation was to prove that smooth animation effects can be done via Javascript; altough it is definitely not an easy task, the challenge was part of the fun. My original post on this basically explains it. :wink:

Thanks again for the kind words.

wow, thats amazing.

Your next challenge is to make a site without using a keyboard or pointing device. :slight_smile:

im on it! :hr: