Who Needs Flash!? ScottSchiller.com

So I was on styleboost just… well 5 min ago and this is the site up on top,

Although it took about a minute and a half to load, and here at work I’m on 5 T1 lines. It was well worth my wait IMO. Takes quite a bit to impress me a lot, but I’d have to say this was pretty darn impressive. A little buggy but brilliant none the less. No flash needed.

i wasn’t all that impressed…

Man I was. That was great. Thanks for sharing.

If it isn’t FLASH, what it is, then???
What kind of language did the author used??

It’s javascript and dhtml - and very good use of them! take a look at the source :wink:

I need flash.

That site probably took months to make and still it wasn’t at all much to look at. The language was probably JS/DHTML.

Eitherway, good find though :).

great website and nice use of static!

loaded in less than 8 seconds here

thanks simp!


it took like 4 seconds to load :to: nice site too

very impressive, I posted this in the irc room a week or so ago, is that where you got the link?

and people who don’t like it: he’s trying to show off his mad dhtml skills, I know this can all be done with flash but it’s not nearly as hard, with dhtml he both has to get all browser compaitibility and show off so he gets a job :stuck_out_tongue:

How could you not be impressed? Thats scripting, no flash at all, no plugins at all.

It’s cool that he put all that effort in to make it without flash, but he could have saved some time just making it in flash.

None the less. Nice work.

I think it is scripting.

Super duper buggy. half of the stuff would not work. And if you make your screen small most parts are not visible. Nice colors and concept. BUt I am afraid its lost in the buginess. I would imagine that very few browsers can see this stuff.

took me 5 secs to load, u must have sum kinda problem there mini! i didnt really like it, kinda plain.

Well it’s mosts js/dhtml…what did you expect?

The point was the challenge - emulating “Flash without Flash”, ie. the animation effects. It’s all Object-Oriented javascript, there are objects for Windows, Events, Actions and an Event Queue.

The script has been written so that something like this will animate a window:

with (addAction(someWindowObject)) {
method = maximize;
sound = ‘maximize’;
onComplete = doSomethingElse;

queue.fire(); // start animation

Window objects have other methods such as moveTo(), resizeTo(), restore(), etc. The animation library creates tweens (much like Flash), all you have to do is provide the coordinates “to” in the case of moveTo() and resizeTo(). Other methods such as maximize() are handled “automagically”.

The site was developed and has been tested under Mozilla, Safari 1.2 and ie 5.0+:win32 - the site initially will animate in under ie:mac, Safari 1.0-1.1, Opera (7 I think) etc. but will render unstyled content if any links are followed as those browsers don’t support the XMLHTTP object (as described on the site.)

Admittedly there are some resize-related bugs - the work isn’t complete, but it had been sitting on my hard drive for a while. The theory was if I put it live, I’d get more motivation to finish the rest. :wink:

I haven’t built out the “content framework” to provide templated fully qualified URLs to older browsers and those not supporting XMLHTTP yet - but it’s in the works.

I should mention the site may be a bit laggy due to traffic/routing problems, but the initial site code (~60 KB), images and sound effects (~55KB) etc. is around 190 KB in total.

Thanks for the comments.

  • Scott

you did a fine job thus far tho. Had me fooled for a second. I can do simple stuff with js/dhtml but you took it extreme. gj.

BB Forum’s comments - might want to read the histeria Scott

:wink: They liked it when I posted it a while back.

kick ***… loading was 4 seconds here… :slight_smile: FireFox :+)

AWesome site… This source, I need to take a look… :slight_smile: