Who unlocked that piracy thread?


i thought this forum didn’t condone warez or talk thereof?

sure, get all pissy when i reply to those threads, but allow them whenever you feel like it.

when people hear mention of popular programs that they don’t have, what do you think happens? they go out and buy it? when those hear about the software that’s available, that almost acts as advertising to pirate it.

i can’t possibly adhere to rules i don’t understand.

Thor - sorry, alas it was me :frowning: I was hoping to find you on AIM, but you were away, so I decided to unlock it. Now that that has been discussed, it’ll be safe to move it to forbidden.

people love it. if we take it away, it’ll just spark more events. let it die on its own.

…too late lol. I also PM’ed 3d-iva about it.

I didn’t see a problem with the thread, but it’s your calls. :wink: