Whoever is changing the names

I don’t think it is right to go changing peoples names without them asking or knowing just for the heck of it.

I was talking to Unflux on AIM when poof, his name changes and he gets a PM from Phil. Frankly I think changing peoples names just because you are bored is an abuse of power. I don’t think it is funny, or entertaining.

I agree. Phil if it is you, please stop. Changing other people’s names without their permission is wrong - wasn’t this discussed earlier in some other thread?

Very tyrannical Phil - and we all know how you feel about people who have too much power. I always knew you and Rockefeller were related - these random grasps of power and your obsession with him finally make sense :slight_smile:

some people’d noam,es are stoi;l=kstill not right.

sion of a ***** it’s 1 am