Who's MovieClip am i in?


I’ve got this problem… I’m not sure how to explain it to yous… but eh… I’ll try my best… bear with me here… lol

I’ve got this clip which wants to know which movieclip it’s in… but it’s buried inside lots of other movie clips…

 e.g.   _root  ==> Movieclip1(instance name = MAINMC) ==> movieclip2 ==>movieclip3 ==> MovieClip4(the movieclip with the actionscript)

Movieclip4 wants to know what the instance name of Movieclip1 is…
Movieclip4 is ALSO inside another bunch of movieclips this time…

e.g.   _root  ==> Movieclip1(instance name = MAINMC) ==> movieclip# ==> movieclip#==> movieclip#==> movieclip# ==> MovieClip4(the movieclip with the actionscript)

What actionscript can i use to ALWAYS find instance name of the movieclip JUST before the _root?

Hope you guys know what i mean!